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A modular roadway system is used for the rapid deployment and recovery of vehicles and people.
NTS is the ideal solution for: Rapid access and egress of medium and lightweight wheeled vehicles.

• Creating approach roads to bridgeheads.
• Temporary repair of damaged road surfaces.
• Creating vehicle parking areas.
• Avoiding environmental damage and logistical challenges.
• Humanitarian and disaster relief operations.


GMS is suitable for beach landings in the following configuration:

• TRACKWAY – Aluminium or steel panels that form the roadway
• BEACH DISPENSER – Rapid launch and recovery system for the roadway
• MEDIUM WHEELED TRACTOR – Flexibility in choice

GROUND MOBILITY SYSTEM is a military specification system that facilitates the launch and recovery
of a temporary roadway. A standard GMS provides one 32m length of roadway as standard, further spools
containing additional 32m lengths can be stored and deployed.

GMS is suitable for tracked and wheeled vehicles up to 30 ton, and is chassis mounted by crane.
GMS can also be deployed by tractor to create a solid beach landing area.

GMS provides access for these vehicles into areas where there are no roads, or roads have been damaged.
GMS enables boggy or marshy terrain to become accessible to medium sized vehicles.
GMS is best suited to adverse terrain conditions, including snow, marsh, mud and sand in a variety of climates.

GMS can also be used as shelter and tent flooring. GMS is in use worldwide in a variety of military engineering
applications, including humanitarian and disaster relief. GMS is also suitable for civilian applications, including
car parking, construction projects and roadways for temporary events.



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